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Toyota C-HR Crossover to Debut at Geneva Motor Show

Toyota Scion C-HR

Toyota first showed off the C-HR crossover at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. The next year, the automaker brought the utility vehicle to the Frankfurt Auto Show. Most recently, the C-HR concept wore the Scion badge at the Los Angeles Auto Show. With the Scion brand officially leaving the automotive market come this summer, the C-HR will officially debut in production form next month.

The 2016 Geneva Auto Show brings surprises every year and this year is no different. The Toyota C-HR crossover will debut with a hybrid powertrain and ride on the same New Global Architecture as the latest Prius.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Toyota is putting another contender into the hottest segment around. The crossover market is doing considerably well, partial thanks owed to low gas prices.

“The crossover market has been booming and will continue to grow in Europe and elsewhere,” said Johan van Zyl, Toyota Motors Europe CEO. “We are entering the C-segment crossover market… with a hybrid powertrain from the start.”

The Toyota C-HR crossover will be built in Turkey alongside the Corolla and Verso.

We here at Vann York Toyota can’t wait to see the new C-HR crossover on our lot!

When Do You Need a New Car?

New Car

If your car was built within the last decade, odds are it has the engineering and technology to keep it running for years to come. While a new car may seem like a major unnecessary expense, your old car could be costing a lot in more than just money. That leaves you to determine whether or not you need a new car. Here at Vann York Toyota, we have a few signs that it’s time to trade in your old car for something newer.

  • Repairs – As vehicles age, they tend to need more repairs. While you may be alright paying a couple hundred dollars out of pocket year after year, you may be wasting your money. If your car should have a serious problem, like in the engine, you’ll find all that money has been wasted. You could use the money you spent on repairs for a down payment on a new car.
  • Fuel Efficiency – Older cars generally mean worse fuel efficiency. As a result, you may find yourself filling up at the pump more than once a week, especially if you drive a lot. Over the course of a year, that dollar amount can really add up to be unnecessarily high.
  • Safety – Compared to vehicles of the last decade, new vehicles have made leaps and bounds in terms of safety equipment. From rearview cameras to accident prevention systems, technology plays a major role in safety. While your older car may have restraint systems and air bags that will protect you in an accident, a new car may prevent an accident altogether.

Meet 2015’s Vann York Car Giveaway Winner!

Car Giveaway Winner


After 14 years of partnership with United Way of Greater High Point, you’d think Vann York Auto Group would have gotten bored of giving away a brand new vehicle to one lucky local, but, year after year, the “giving back” just gets better and better!

This year, our car giveaway winner is a kindergarten teacher at Fairview Elementary, Patricia Alford.

Vann York Car Giveaway

Alford earned her eligibility for the giveaway by donating 0.6% or one hour’s pay per month to the United Way of Greater High Point – her “fair share” or more. To join the small list of 10 finalists set to win big, your name must be chosen in one of the weekly drawings by Myers and Associates CPA. Alford’s name was drawn in the very last week.

The car giveaway winner is trading up from her old 2007 Pontiac Torrent to a brand-new 2015 Chevrolet Cruze.

This past year marked Alford’s fifth year of donating to the United Way of Greater High Point. We’re all happy to see the new car go to someone so deserving!

Vann York Auto Group Celebrates Its 45th Year of Christmas Baskets for Employees

45 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. York, founders of the Vann York Auto Group,
started their beautiful holiday tradition of Christmas Baskets for employees. Every Christmastime since then, all who work for Vann York Auto Group have received a huge gift basket chock full of fruits like tangerines, apples, and a whole pineapple, assorted nuts, seasonal cookies, an entire Honey Baked ham, and more. The baskets are put together by the York family, including the current president, Greg York, and his sons Charles and Grey, as well as some other Vann York employees.

Vann York Christmas  Baskets

Giving out these Christmas Baskets for employees is just one demonstration of the York family’s dedication to the well-being of its whole staff, as well as its gratitude for their hard work all year long. It doesn’t take a detective to see the heartfelt care that’s put into every single one of these baskets; being able to offer these gifts to their employees is a sincere joy to Mr. and Mrs. York.


As one employee already stated, they are “so appreciative of [their] job” and working for Vann York is “such a blessing.” From all of us here at Vann York Toyota, let us take this time to agree and say thank to the York family for its ongoing generosity.

Ever-Better Expedition Seeks to Improve Toyota Vehicles in Real-World Conditions

Toyota TRD Pro Series trucks

Toyota’s Ever-Better Expedition seeks to improve Toyota vehicles through real-world explorations. By exposing Toyota vehicles to every driving condition this planet has to offer, the automaker hopes to learn where the brand’s weaknesses are, and improve them.

During the North American leg of the trip this summer, Toyota engineers drove 13,848 miles, starting at the new Toyota North American headquarter in Plano, Texas. The tour took them all over the country, from the crowded NYC streets to the humid Deep South, to the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains. Now, the adventure is north-bound, headed to Alaska and Canada on a 4,488-mile journey through the icy terrain and sub-zero climate.

“Alaska’s famously remote terrain will expose our Ever-Better Expedition team to new challenges and help inspire further innovation,” said Steve Appelbaum, national engagement marketing manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. in a statement “By learning from our customers, their landscapes and the roads, Toyota will continue to deliver vehicles that serve our drivers better.”

See more here.

Stop by Vann York Toyota today to learn more about our exciting and capable lineup of vehicles!

First Toyota Mirai shipments Hit European Ports

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle

It’s about time the world was personally introduced to the revolutionary Toyota Mirai! Ever since the brand announced its plans to create a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and we witnessed its first unveiling, we at Vann York Toyota couldn’t wait until the model was ready for dealerships.

Recently, the United Kingdom, Bristol, and Belgium received official production Toyota Mirai\ shipments, and many of these units have already been sold to businesses and corporations. The Mirai is already making a splash as the first mass-produced hydrogen FCV.

“This marks the debut of a new age for clean mobility, a turning point in the history of the automobile,” stated Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President Toyota Europe. “With Mirai and its fuel cell technology, Toyota is working on delivering clean, safe and enjoyable mobility for the next 100 years.”

While only less than 100 units will be available for sale in September—and only in Europe—but it shouldn’t be long until the Mirai is offered in the United States. That’s especially likely considering Toyota plans to sell 3,000 FCV sedans by 2018.

What Octane Ratings Mean: Fill with 87, 89, or 93?

Octane Ratings

Have you ever been pumping gas and wondered what octane ratings mean? Although we encounter this word every time we fuel-up, few people actually know what it stands for. We’ve put together a post on everything you need to know about octane.

According to Exxon, octane ratings measure the fuel’s ability to withstand compression before detonation. Generally, the higher the octane rating, the better performance a vehicle has. High octane fuel is generally used on racecars or even planes, while low octane is for standard cars. Diesel engines don’t need high octane ratings because they rely on air compression instead of fuel compression.

Normally, there are three ratings available: Regular (87), Special Unleaded (89), and Super Unleaded (91-93). Most cars use an octane rating of 87; however, you should always check your owner’s manual before fueling.

Is it bad to use different octane ratings than what is suggested? It’s only bad if you use a lower octane than what is suggested. This may cause the engine to knock or “ping” due to the compression ratio.

Some manufactures suggest using higher octanes if your engine is stressed, like at a high altitude or while towing. This can lower the risk of knocking. Else, you may just be wasting your money on premium fuel, as there is little evidence it increases performance.

2015 Toyota SEMA Display Boasts Cool Cars and Famous Stars

Toyota was drawing crowds at this year’s SEMA show. With an impressive lineup and a host of celebrities, fans couldn’t get enough of Toyota’s offerings this year. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show has never been better.

According to Toyota, Rutledge Wood, Ryan Millen, Antron Brown, Mike Iaconelli, and Gerald Swindle are among the Toyota SEMA display stars that made appearances. Wood is known for his work as a host of Top Gear USA, Millen is a legendary Rally racer, Brown is a drag racing pioneer, and Iaconelli and Swindle are Bassmaster Champions.

“There were stars as bright as the cars around them at Toyota’s 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show display. Autograph and photo opportunities were available at select times,” said Toyota in a release.

Among cars in the display were the 2015 Ultimate Utility Vehicles, Tundrasine Concept (Tundra limousine), Tonka 4Runner, Sienna R-Tuned, SEMA Edition TRD Land Cruiser, Camry, Corolla, Avalon, and more. This truly was a great year for Toyota.

Toyota C-HR Production Version Will be ‘Distinctive’

The Frankfurt Motor Show in September saw the unveiling of the most recent Toyota C-HR concept. The crossover had been previously seen in a Paris auto show earlier this year, but since then, the concept has evolved, and is due to change and develop even further with the Toyota C-HR production version.

The Frankfurt C-HR concept showed off a diamond-inspired design language and makes use of the new Toyota Global Architecture platform. The new platform promises to make vehicles more rigid, and give them a lower center of gravity and less roll during cornering.

Hiro Koba, the chief engineer for the production version, announced recently that the team plans to make the C-HR distinctive in order to differentiate it from other compact crossovers on the market. Because of the crossover segment’s current popularity, Toyota needs to focus on the C-HR’s individuality to make it stand out from the competition.

Koba cited smooth handling and an overall enjoyable driving experience as top priority. He said most consumers travel solo or with only one passenger – and as a result, the production version trades rear and luggage space, as well as visibility, to make room for a more distinctive and stylish exterior. The Toyota C-HR production version is slated to debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

New 2016 Prius Gets Stylish New Look

Back when the first-generation Prius was released to the public, it was rather unusual-looking, and most marketing campaigns for the vehicle relied on widespread outcry against high gas prices and the novelty of owning a hybrid. For a long time the Prius rode on the “gimmick” of being a unique, environmentally-conscious car. However, in recent years, more and more competition has appeared in the hybrid segment, and the new 2016 Prius had to make some changes in order to stay ahead of the game.

The first think you’ll notice about the fourth-generation Prius is that it looks far more athletic than its ancestors. It’s longer and sleeker, giving it a more aerodynamic and sporty feel, with a wider, lower stance and a lower center of gravity. Many of these changes are due to Toyota’s new Global Architecture Platform, which will improve the rigidity and handling of the new Prius.

In addition to this, the 2016 Prius will have even better mileage over the previous model year’s 50 mpg range, giving it best-in-class fuel economy. Toyota has also revealed there will be an Eco trim level, which will be even more efficient than the base model.

The new 2016 Prius upholds the Prius tradition of being the forerunner of hybrid technology. With even better fuel economy, and an overall look and feel that will appeal to the mainstream car market as opposed to the niche hybrid market, Toyota has poised the new Prius for success.

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